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For general inquiries email:

Secondary School (8-11)

12050 - 95A St
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 1R7
Tel (780) 540-9400
Fax(825) 480-6064

Jacquie Harman
Secondary School Principal

Elaine Baxter
Secondary School Head Secretary

Ada Luk
Secondary School Assistant Principal
Primary School (K-7)

12245 131 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5L 1M8
Tel (780) 454-1855
Fax (780) 454-8104

Peter Dang
Primary School Principal

Amanda Joblinski
Primary School Assistant principal

Sanjana Bali
Primary School Receptionist

Nancy Mykytiuk
Elementary Head Secretary

Jen O'Connor
Primary School Assistant Principal

Amber Roesler
Primary School Secretary
Central Office

Lisa Weidel
Transportation & Facilities Manager

Wen Liang
Secretary Treasurer

Pearl Ding 
Secretary Treasurer Assistant
Learning Commons

Amanda Poitras
Learning Resources Coordinator
IT Support

Calistus Oragudosi
Primary School Technology Support

Vasu Bansal
Seconday School Technology Support
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